A Dark, Distorted Mirror, Volume 1

The Other Half
of my Soul

by Gareth Williams

The Babylon Five Parallel Universe

The year is 2258, ten years after the destruction of Earth by the Minbari fleet.  Humanity's only remaining home is the desolate colony outpost of Proxima 3, from where President Marie Crane leads the Resistance Government.  The remnants of Earthforce still fight a hit-and-run existence in an uneasy alliance with the Narn Régime.  The last, best hope for mankind lies in one ship, and one man.  That ship is the Babylon, and the man its captain, John J. Sheridan.

Part I - A Dark, Distorted Mirror

Betrayed by the Narn administrator of Vega 7, Sheridan is captured by the Minbari and taken before the Grey Council in chains.  A mysterious woman appears in his cell with an ominous question - "Captain, what do you want?"  Aided by her shadowy companions Sheridan escapes, carrying with him as prisoner none other than Satai Delenn of the Grey Council.

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Part II - Heeding the Warning

Sheridan tries to uncover who had him betrayed by confronting the Kha'Ri themselves, while Delenn begins a brutal inquisition at the hands of Earthforce security.  Someone is gathering his forces to confront the Enemy, not suspecting that the Enemy is already coming towards him.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Part III - Warrior Souls

Sheridan tries to make sense of what happened to him on Narn, and how that relates to Delenn.  Lyta Alexander has a mission and the Resistance Government makes a dark decision.

Chapter 1

Part IV - To Hear the Machine

Strange goings-on on an apparently uninhabited planet lead Sheridan and two very unexpected guests to Epsilon 3.  But they aren't the only ones interested in what is happening there.

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Part V - The Shadow of her Past, the Illusion of his Future

In this timeline Babylon 4 was never built.  So how can it appear near Epsilon 3, apparently travelling backwards in time?  And who is the figure in the blue space suit?

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Part VI - The Bester of Both Worlds

Ivanova's plottings run into a problem as Sheridan begins his observations against the Shadows, but a new arrival threatens to upset both their plans.  (No rewards for guessing who, and there's a special cameo by one other person at the end as well.)

Chapter 1

Part VII - Transformations

The end of the beginning, or perhaps the beginning of the end.  Sheridan finds his recent actions coming back to haunt him, Delenn enters the chrysalis, Ivanova makes her plans for the future, Sinoval seeks confirmation on an important matter, Lord Refa makes a visit to Proxima 3, and Londo is rapidly finding himself in over his head.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Part VIII - The Other Half of my Soul

Fire!  Brimstone!  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!  Sinoval launches the Minbari on the path of their destiny, Sheridan must decide where his true loyalties lie, Bester plays a trump card, Delenn plans a means of ending this, Londo finds events running away from him, Marcus has to make a choice, and Lyta stares into the abyss.

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