A Dark, Distorted Mirror, Volume 3

A Line
in the Sand

by Gareth Williams

The Babylon Five Parallel Universe

The year is 2260, twelve years after the destruction of Earth by the Minbari.  The human fleet, aided by its Shadow allies, has turned the tables and Minbar is reduced to poisoned ashes.  Sinoval's attempt to reclaim leadership of the surviving Minbari has been interrupted by an unexpected new arrival - their greatest prophet and leader, returned at last after a thousand years.

Prologue - A Storm on the Horizon

In the aftermath of the Battle of Minbar, many factions across the galaxy are fragmented and torn.  Dark forces are moving, darker plots are being laid, and the few outposts of light struggle to remain free.  There is a storm on the horizon, and it is almost here....

Chapter 1

Part I - The One and the Nine

Valen has returned to a Minbar devastated by war and chaos.  But will he alleviate Minbar's problems - or add to them?  What are the secrets of the great prophet, and how do they tie in with Sinoval's own secrets from the past?  The answers lie twelve years before.... at a desperate last stand by a race on the brink of extinction, featuring a general named Sinoval, a Satai named Delenn and a human.... called Jeffrey Sinclair.

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Part II - Promises for the Future

He is Valen Reborn, the incarnation of prophecy and destiny for the Minbari people, and yet he is also Jeffrey Sinclair, a human with thoughts and feelings at odds with his new rôle.  As he comes to realise the degree of manipulation he has been subjected to, he struggles to come to terms with his destiny.  While, elsewhere, someone once very close to him finds hints as to her own rôle in the future, and in the past.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Part III - The Parliaments of Conquerors

At Proxima, plans are afoot as the Resistance Government finally readies itself to move against G'Kar, but the fate they plan is not death.... but something far, far worse.  Welles walks a very fine line, but receives help from a most unexpected source.  Meanwhile, on Centauri Prime, Londo demonstrates just how realpolitik is done....

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Part IV - A Line in the Sand

There is a darkness coming, a great and terrible darkness.  But there is hope, there is a place of refuge, a place of sanctuary, a place where the forces of light can be marshalled and readied.  A place where a Line has been drawn.  And now the darkness comes to that place, and the Line will be drenched in blood.  THE ONE WHO WAS.  THE ONE WHO IS.  THE ONE WHO WILL BE.  WHICH ONE SHALL FALL?

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Part V - From the Ashes

The Minbari have an old saying: 'There can be no peace with the Shadow'.  But what if there could be?  How much would peace be worth, and what would it cost?  And who would pay?

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Part VI - Through Darkness and Fire

What is one life worth?  What is one soul worth?  And who must pay the price?  The war has begun, and Delenn is faced with a most difficult choice by the new Vorlon ambassador.  An offer of salvation is made, but is it too much for anyone to pay?  Elsewhere Sinoval encounters the sting of treachery, and the war comes to Centauri Prime, bringing with it a great fire and a terrible Darkness.

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